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November 19 2017

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Vladimir Kireev (1984) Autumn 2016

Владимир Киреев (1984) Осень 2016

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Why beehives are hexagons.

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Sicherheit statt Staatstrojaner

Die geplante Einführung eines Hessischen Staatstrojaners gefährdet die Sicherheit Millionen vernetzter Geräte weltweit.

Hier gibt's detaillierte Informationen.

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November 18 2017

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November 17 2017

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19th Century Church Renovated With 21st Century Technology

Moment Factory, multimedia studio based in Canada, has transformed  Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica Church into an immersive installation, complete with sound, lighting, and projections that will teleport the visitors into a whole new world.

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They weren’t beaten for saying it would happen. Everybody knew it was very likely to happen, including those who wanted it built. They were beaten for trying to stop it from happening. The oil industry knows that there’s oil spills every year, they insure themselves to cover their financial losses and keep pumping because they don’t give a shit about the lands they destroy. They don’t care about being criticised, only about being opposed.

If you criticise them (on twitter or tumblr for example), they ignore you or, if you’re high profile enough, they issue a politely worded statement written by a PR expert. Because as long as we pretend we can change them through good arguments, we’re playing their game. If you try to stop them, you get beaten. So I think that’s a pretty important distinction.
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November 16 2017

That's actually a hexagram, so either they are summoning the Pmpkn Spc Gd OR this is a unicursal hexagram and a Thelema joke, in which case they're summoning the Pumpkin Whore Babalon.
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November 15 2017

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