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January 18 2018


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January 16 2018

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https://xkcd.com/1942/ - Memorable Quotes
"Since there's no ending quote mark, everything after this is part of my quote. —Randall Munroe
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Sand, rarer than one thinks

Sand and gravel are mined world-wide and account for the largest volume of solid material extracted globally. Formed by erosive processes over thousands of years (John, 2009), they are now being extracted at a rate far greater than their renewal. Furthermore, the volume being extracted is having a major impact on rivers, deltas and coastal and marine ecosystems (Figure 1), results in loss of land through river or coastal erosion, lowering of the water table and decreases in the amount of sediment supply. Despite the colossal quantities of sand and gravel being used, our increasing dependence on them and the significant impact that their extraction has on the environment, this issue has been mostly ignored by policy makers and remains largely unknown by the general public.
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Warum kann man in Melbourne umsonst die Bahn nutzen? Antwort der Stadt: "es spart Geld" (...) "Es fahren Zehntausende Pkws weniger durch das Stadtzentrum, Straßen halten länger, Unfälle sind seltener, die positiven Auswirkungen auf die Luft sind immens. Dazu kommt, dass man keine Fahrkartenkontrolleure bezahlen muss, die Zahl der kostspieligen Strafverfahren gegen Schwarzfahrer ist gegen Null gegangen - und die Zahl der Touristen angestiegen"


January 14 2018


January 13 2018

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January 11 2018

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What makes this even funnier is that Gandalf, being a Maia (sort of like an archangel), was created directly by Eru Ilúvatar, the supreme god and ultimate being.
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January 10 2018

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