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The only proof that I, as a feminist, do not hate men, should be the fact that I don’t kill, rape and beat them. The mere fact that I only rebel against my oppressor with my words, should be enough to show that I have compassion and are not motivated by hatred

While men Kill, rape and beat women, on a systematic, social, economical and cultural lvl, but people still doubt if they hate us, so much that any rebellion against them must surely be hatred. 

Maybe men are telling us something we don’t know? Maybe we should hate you, and that is why you cannot fathom that our words are not motivated by hatred.

But you will not steal my compassion, love and humanity away from me. Not even in death.

I am motivated by love, my love for my sisters, and this love is not passive or silent, it is fierce and it is loud.

loving women > hating men

Why do men rape, murder, beat us, but never have to say they don’t hate women?

^^^^ and women who simply identify as feminist have to constantly fend off the question “why do you hate men?”

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