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Saying that obesity is unhealthy in general is one thing, going up to an obese person and saying it to them is a totally different situation. The addiction example is actually not bad: Would you go up to an alcoholic or smoker and calmly inform them that not being an alcoholic/smoker would be better for them? Do you think that would have a positive impact on their life? Would they hang their head, tell them that this never occured to them before and they are going to stop being an alcoholic now?

That brings us to the second part - how hard is it to lose weight? You say in the first part of your post "Lets assume you're right" and "I don't open up this topic". And then in the end you say twice, with all the confidence in the world that "Of course you can change it." So which is it? Will you not give an opinion on the topic because you aren't sure about the facts? Or do you in fact have an opinion but simply refuse to engage the research that went into the article? You can't have it both ways, either refute the article or actually abstain from voicing an opinion on how hard weight loss is.

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