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September 17 2017

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Why does being a woman put you at greater risk of having anxiety?
Part biology, part what we teach our kids about their place in the world.

and it teaches boys not to bother asking for help, and that their hurts will be ignored. you can see how that can lead to a) a higher death rate from depression because we refuse to get help, and b) acting like bullies because if my bruises are nbd then so are yours you big baby, here have some more.

sexism is a plague on us all and we need to stop inflicting it on our children.

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tfw your werewolf gf has bad language and wants to fight everyone and you’re just a humble dog wash employee

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--c3o on Twitter
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Never talk to me or my 42 trees again

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love in bloom 🌸🌷🌺

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Ok so I looked this up out of interest :D these two pictures are actually of two different women: the big one is of Fatemeh Khanom "Esmat ed-Dowleh" (b. 1856 -- d. 1905), the small one of Zahra Khanom "Taj al-Saltaneh" (b. 1884 -- d. 1936). They are sisters, daughters of Nasser-ed-Din Shah, a Persian king of the Qajar dynasty.

So they really are Persian princesses, but two different women and Qajar is not the name of either one. There is also no indication that they were seen as especially beautiful, although thick eyebrows, even monobrows, used to be the beauty ideal for women in Iran (prominent eyebrows still are, although monobrows aren't really in fashion anymore). Zahra Khanom was "the love interest of the famous Persian poet Aref Qazvini, Iran's national poet, who wrote his famous "Ey Taj" poem for her", so she might have been seen as beautiful - or she was a really impressive personality.

Both women married and had four children each. Not much more is known about Fatemeh Khanom, but Zahra Khanom was an important figure in the Iranian Constitutional movement. She was "a trailblazer for women's rights in Iran and a feminist", "a writer, a painter, an intellectual and an activist who hosted literary salons at her house once a week. She was the first woman in court to take off the hijab and wear western clothes".

Here ends the infodump.
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  • In Deutschland verspritzte zu Weihnachten 1981 eine Mieterin absichtlich im Treppenhaus und im Garten Surströmmingbrühe. Ihr wurde fristlos gekündigt. Das Landgericht Köln bestätigte die Kündigung, nachdem in der mündlichen Verhandlung eine Dose Surströmming geöffnet worden war (LG Köln v. 12. Januar 1984 – 1 S 171/83, WuM 1984, Seite 55, s. auch[4]).
  • Der Transport der Surströmmingdosen ist wegen der Sorge vor Explosionsgefahr auf Flügen von British Airways und Air France ausdrücklich verboten.[5][6]"

Quelle: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surstr%C3%B6mming

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Actually estrogen and testosterone are BOTH highest around the time of ovulation :)
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Ibn Al Rabin: Verbes
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